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Educational Consultants in Bangalore

Educational Consultants in Bangalore

B.Tech Admission 2019: High-demand career options for Electronic and communication engineers

Engineering / Feb 01, 2019

Selecting a branch of engineering from the available array of options is best done based on the futuristic approach. To avoid making wrong choices we have figured out the best stream that has the greatest probability of paving a successful career. The hi-tech era has helped generate multiple vacancies for the electronics and communication sector. The advanced world of technologies has observed a significant rise exhibiting significant growth in the previous years. If you have a vigorous zeal to make a career in Engineering then electronics and communication is the best course for you. Life without electronics gadgets is unimaginable for the generation.

Career Choices

As an electronics and communication Engineer, you have a promising career in industries like digital communication, IT, health care tools, mobile communication sector, consumer electronics, and power electronics. The emerging market for electronics goods is springing up steadily every year. The stream not only provides a fair probability of recruitment but also a lucrative package that assures optimistic organizational growth. The reason behind the amplification of the electronics sector is the tie-up between Electronics and digital technology.

Gleaming Future in Electronics and communication

The skills required to become a successful electronic and communication engineer are expertise in conceptualizing, developing, designing and testing electronic equipment and integrating them using the latest technology. Delivering the end product in an impeccable way enhances their market value. Unravel the path of success towards your career by choosing the right stream from the endless opportunities. Prioritize among the top branches of engineering according to your interest and bright job prospects after graduation. An electronics and communication degree holder can expect an average salary of 3.8 -7.9 lakh per annum depending on your knowledge, performance and the organization offering jobs.

A decade ago the electronics and communication stream was considered a low employment generating sector. However, in the last few years, it has significantly amplified and predicted to grow by 19 percent from 2019 to 2021. New firms are springing up to meet the rising demand of the consumer market and hence assuring electronics to be a growth driven stream. According to a recent survey Electronics design and development is the most preferred choice by students who wish to have a dazzling future ahead.