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Educational Consultants in Bangalore

Educational Consultants in Bangalore

CBSE Sample paper 2019 for Physics: Attempt these questions to practice for board exams

CBSE / Feb 04, 2019

General Instructions:

  • All inquiries are mandatory. There are 26 inquiries taking all things together.
  • This inquiry paper has five areas: Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D, Section E.
  • Section A contains five inquiries of 1 check each, Section B contains five inquiries of 2 denotes each, Section C contains twelve inquiries of 3 denotes each, Section D contains one inquiry of 4 stamps and Section E contains three inquiries of 5 denotes each.
  • There is no general decision. In any case, an inward decision has been given in one question of two imprints, one inquiry of three imprints and all the three inquiries of five imprints weight age. You need to endeavor just a single of the decisions in such inquiries.
  • You may utilize the accompanying estimations of physical constants wherever vital.

Section A:

  • An electron does not su?er any redirections while going through a district. This ensures there is no attractive field in that district. Is the given proclamation genuine or false?
  • State two different ways of giving vitality to metal to discharge electrons from its surface.
  • The chart demonstrates a radioactive source S set in a thick lead walled compartment. The radiations given out are permitted to go through an attractive field. The attractive field (appeared as x) acts opposite to the plane of paper inwards. Bolts demonstrate the ways of the radiations A, B, and C. Name the radiations marked A, B, and C.
  • To which part of the electromagnetic range does an influx of recurrence 3×1013 Hz have a place?
  • A message flag of pinnacle voltage 20V is utilized to tweak a transporter wave of pinnacle voltage 30V. Decide the balance file.

Section B:

  • An electric iron devours vitality at a rate of 880 W when warming is at the greatest rate and 330 W when the warming is at the base. The voltage is 220 V. What is the current and the obstruction for each situation.
  • A copper wire has a measurement of 0.5 mm and a resistivity of 1.6× 10 (−6) ohm-cm. What amount of this wire would be important to make the opposition of 10 ohms?

(Or on the other hand)

When we run a 40-watt globule for 5 hours, if 1 unit (= 1kWh) costs 2 rupees, discover the bill we need to pay for this?

  • (1) Name the high vivacious imperceptible electromagnetic waves which help in the investigation of the structure of precious stones.

(2)State an extra utilization of the waves referenced to some extent (I).

  • The photoelectric cut-o? voltage in a specific trial is 1.5 V. What is the most extreme dynamic vitality of photoelectrons discharged?
  • (a) Explain any two elements which legitimize the need of tweaking a low-recurrence flag.

(b)Write two points of interest in recurrence adjustment over abundancy balance.

Section C:

  • The electrostatic power on a little circle of charge 0.4μC because of another little circle of charge −0.8μC noticeable all around is 0.2 N.
  • (a)What is the separation between the two circles?
  • (b)What is the power on the second circle because of the first?

Or then again

(a)Two protected charged copper circles An and B have their focuses isolated by separation of 50 cm. What is the shared power of electrostatic repugnance if the charge on each is 6.5× 10(−7) C? The radii of An and B are irrelevantly contrasted with the separation of a division.

  • What is the power of aversion if every circle is charged twofold the above sum, and the separation between them is divided?
  • (a) Three resistors 2ω, 4ω, and 5ω are joined in parallel. What is the complete obstruction of the mix?

(b)If the mix is associated with a battery of emf 20 V and unimportant inside opposition, decide the current through every resistor, and the absolute current drawn from the battery.

  • A rectangular wire circle of sides 8 cm and 2 cm with a little cut is moving out of an area of the uniform attractive field of size 0.3 T guided typical to the circle. What is the emf created over the cut if the speed of the circle is 1 cm/s toward a path ordinary to the

(a) Longer side,

(b) The shorter side of the circle?

To what extent does the instigated voltage toward the end for each situation?

  • A round loop of 16 turns and span 10 cm conveying a current of 0.75A rests with its plane ordinary to an outside field of extent 5.0× 10−2 T. The loop is allowed to turn around a hub in its plane opposite to the field heading. At the point when the curl is turned somewhat and discharged, it sways about its steady balance with a recurrence of 2.0/sec. What is the snapshot of latency of the loop about its hub of revolution?

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