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Career Prospects Of MMST After MBBS

By Career Oppt / Medical PG / 21 September, 2017 / 3216

Career Prospects of MMST after MBBS

Gone are the days of confusion when you had to bid adieu to one of the career paths between technology and medicine after your 10+2 science studies. It’s 2017 and if you want to do both you can do both. No I’m not crazy and I obviously do not mean that you go and get your education from any IIN-esque instituion (remember the stupid ad?). What I’m talking about is MMST-a course that you can pursue after your MBBS that can satiate your love for both technology and medicine related studies.

MMST who? MMST is a kind of an interdisciplinary course, designed for doctors who also have a niche for technology. It is a three year long post graduate programme for MBBS degree holders that teach them engineering skills.

Personally I believe MMST is a course designed for the overreacher in that AIB video Honest Engineering Campus Placement. Where mere mortals cannot deal with the individual courses, they want to both dexterously. Can you enroll for the course of MMST? As much as I want to be Tumblr and say “if you can dream it, you can do it”, the harsh truth is different. You have to be an MBBS graduate with at least a 60% marks in aggregate and must complete your internship to be able to apply. But that is not it. The course also requires its candidates to have studied Mathematics at the 10+2 level.

Where can you study MMST?

The course of MMST is as new as Lionel Messi’s second son, i.e. very new. Hence not a lot of instituions in India offer this course. In fact, as of now only IIT Kharagpur is the only educational institution that offers the MMST programme. Consequently, it is really hard to secure a seat in this field of study. What will your future look like after MMST? If you ask the ones who completed their MMST from IIT (only 2 batches have graduated yet), who are doing their Post Doctorates or PHDs abroad, I think they will say it looks pretty decent.

  • The course of MMST makes a medical student the birdge above the gap lying in between medical science and technology.
  • Consequently, they can provide the proper application of technology in medicine in their work field.
  • They are frequently hired by hospitals and research faculties to identify the key aspects of a particular research and help the organisation to decide the direction in which the research work should head towards.

An MMST graduate recieves intensive training in areas of immuno-technology, biomedical instrumentation, detection of cancer at early stages, medical statistics, biophysics, biomaterials and implants, molecular imaging and image analysis et cetera.

In India, the scope of MMST is still limited, which automatically opens up your prospects overseas.

Most of the graduated who do not opt for research or PhDs, work in MNCs across the country and the globe alike. The average annual income of these professionals may range from INR 13 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs, based on the company and the desigantion.

The bottom line is, if you are one of those people who want to stay connected to both technology and medical science in their career, while making a hell lot of money, MMST is your perfect cup of tea. So go ahead and make it rain, baby!