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The details of Ayurvedic Medical Colleges In Tamil Nadu and why to choose this subject.

By Career Oppt / Medical PG / 05 April, 2018 / 2441

Ayurveda has been a part of Indian history and came into existence 3000 years ago when the people of those times helped other people recover from the diseases, with the help of extracts from the plants and changing or stopping these people from eating something that could be causing the problem. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine and still deemed effective till this date.

It is safe?

The first question that comes to people’s mind when thinking of using or studying it is whether it is safe or not. Just like any other medicine, it needs to be prescribed to ensure the best results and no or less side effect. Even though, the composition of it is fairly simple and it is highly unlikely that some side effect will arise if proper dosage is taken.

How effective is it?

Some people consider ayurvedic medicine to be placebo (something that does not have any therapeutic effect but the patient believes it does and hence feels better). But now, research is taking place in the field to show that it is not it is in fact effective. This will give it the validity that traditional medicine enjoys.


To become eligible a general category student needs to have the medical discipline with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and preferably Sanskrit in 12th standard or an equivalent study passing out certificate with an aggregate of 50% whereas a reserved category student only needs 40% to be eligible. With these qualifications, you are allowed to enroll in the Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.

The Ayurvedic Medical Colleges In Tamil Nadu – 2018

  1. Ayurveda College, Coimbatore
  2. Sri Sairam Ayurveda Medical College and Research Center, Chennai
  3. The Venkatramana Ayuveda College, Chennai
  4. Dharma Ayurveda Medical Research Institution, Sriperumputhur
  5. Sri Sankar College of Ayurveda, Thiruchirappalli

Professions of the field

If you complete your five and a half years course of Ayurvedic medicine, which includes study as well as internship which lasts for one year, then you can apply for the job of a doctor in the government and the private colleges in India.

Obviously, if you have a passion for teaching, then you can teach at colleges and universities of India with additional studies. The pay grade of this is quite nice.

The last thing that one can do is become a researcher in the field. This is an important spectrum of the studies that needs to be explored.

If you wish to carry forward the work of our ancestors, then opt this field and hopefully in time, it will be accepted worldwide.